999999 Flashes Professional Laser Epilator Home Use Devices IPL Hair Removal for Women Hair Remover


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⚠ Our chips will go through multiple rounds of testing from manufacturing, packaging, product assembly and finished product inspection, so the Flashes of this Laser Epilator will have a deviation of about 5%. But it will be much larger than the lower limit of 990000 Flashes.

⚠ Plug Standard(You can refer to what plugs your appliances use)

⚠ Principles of IPL hair removal

IPL (ntense Pulsed light. referred to as IPL) is a broad-spectrum visible light, which can penetrate deep tissues of the skin to produce photothermal and photochemical effects, which can quickly destroy the hair follicles and achieve the effect of permanent hair removal.

It has the advantages of fast speed, good effect, high safety, no side effects, painless, shrinking pores, and moisturizing the skin.

It can also rearrange and regenerate collagen fibers and elastic fibers of the skin, restore elasticity, and achieve the effect of rejuvenating the skin. It is the latest hair removal technology in the beauty industry in the world.

🔲Special Recommendation (1) : Gaea type IPL technology professional laser epilator The 7 core technologies ensure long-lasting hair removal and improve customer experience.

① Gaea type IPL technology professional laser epilator 2021 revolutionary Cool Light hair removal technology, bid farewell to the damage of high temperature hair removal to the skin. Create a painless and harmless freezing point hair removal environment.

② The powerful laser painless hair removal technology effectively destroys the hair follicles from the depths of the hair, thereby eradicating the hair growth environment.

③ It can be effectively applied to each hair position of the body, and the hair in different positions can be personalized through different photon frequencies.

④ 999999 times of light-emitting frequency, high-reliability operation function, can be used repeatedly for a long time, saving a lot of time and money.

⑤ Intelligent LCD display technology is intuitive and visible for every operation. The operation is simpler and more convenient, and enjoy the beautiful life brought by technology.

⑥ Different from the five-stage heat control gear of the ordinary Laser Epilator, we increase the heat of personalized hair removal to 9 gears, which greatly improves the adaptation of the Laser Epilator to skin quality and different application scenarios, and achieves the purpose of personalized hair removal.

⑦ The perfect industrial design makes the product full of texture and beauty. Three latest popular colors, let you choose freely!

🔲Special Recommendation (2) : Hera portable IPL technology professional line laser epilator

The flat-type laser emitting head can be applied to all parts of the body and effectively remove unwanted hair.

High-frequency photons can penetrate deep into the hair follicles and efficiently destroy the hair follicles, thereby effectively preventing hair growth and achieving the purpose of hair removal.

999999 times of light-emitting frequency, high-reliability operation function, can be used repeatedly for a long time, saving a lot of time and money.

5 levels of different light intensities, suitable for different colors of skin and skin quality, and personalized treatment of different skin environments and needs.

🔲 CEFCCROHSEMC certification report of our products


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3. What should I do if I want to return?
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Laser Epilator

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Laser Hair Removal

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Bikini, Body, Face, Underarm

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Laser Epilator

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Epilator for Women

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Wax For Depilation

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Laser Hair Removal

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Home Use Devices

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IPL Hair Removal

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Electric Epilator Woman

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Cera Depilatoria


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